The accompanying recording is of Roisin White of Armagh, who sang "Gosford's Fair Demesne" at a concert in the Old Courthouse on 19 January 2003.

Photo of Roisin White in 2003.

Use the audio controller to listen to this talk, given in 2003.

The words of Gosford's Fair Demesne (Anonymous)

Ye lovers all to you I call,
So you will lend and ear;
Unto these few lines of stirring love,
I mean to let you hear.
The name of those to you I speak,
To you I dare not tell;
But all around sweet Markethill,
Most people know them well.

All on a cold September night,
The corn was golden brown;
A handsome couple did I spy,
Near Gosford's fair demesne.
With silent steps I slowly crept
Towards a chestnut tree,
To catch those tender words of love
The breezes blew to me.

It was the maiden fair that spoke,
Her lover held her hand;
And though she cried with accents sad,
"Young man, I understand.
You love another fair maid
More prettier far than I;
And oh to see her lovely charms
Shine brilliant in your eye.
And oh, to say you would prove false,
The tear stands in my eye.
And with a broken heart all sore,
Young man, I say goodbye".

"Oh stay, oh stay," the young man cried,
"From me you ne'er shall go;
You say I love another fair maid
But I vow it is not so.
So give to me your warmest love
And I'll bestow thee mine,
And that to you I will prove true,
As yonder stars do shine.

If I had Lord Gosford's castle fair,
And all the land in view;
From Mullabrack to Markethill,
I'd wed none else but you".
He threw his arms around he neck
And kissed her tenderly,

Till a cloud o'ercame lord Gosford's light
No longer could I see.
So I turned my steps towards Hamiltonsbawn,
And sang those simple lines,
Of a pair I left in fond embrace
Near Gosford's fair Demesne.