In the accompanying recording, Seamus Mallon, MP, talks about his roots in Markethill.

Photo of Seamus Mallon in 2003.

Use the audio controller to listen to this talk, given in 2003.

Now retired from his position as Deputy First Minister of the Northern Ireland assembly, Seamus Mallon is still active in his Newry-Armagh constituency as Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) member of Parliament at Westminister. Seamus Mallon was born in Markethill and went to St James' Primary School in nearby Drumatee.

A former teacher, he came to public attention in the course of the civil rights campaigning of the 1960s and has followed a political career that has spanned five decades. During that time, Mr. Mallon was a staunch critic of both institutional social injustices and of the IRA, and for his comments was forced to endure several attacks on his family home in the town of Markethill. Despite these attacks, Mr.Mallon says he will never leave the bungalow that has been his home for many years. In what spare time he has, Mr Mallon is author and playwright, indulges in a spot of gardening and fishing, and is an avid theatre-goer.

Seamus Mallon opening Markethill Wood.