This site uses players (or plugins) for the display of some content. For example,

Note that iPad and Android tablets do not support players such as the Unity Web Player andShockwave, so the game and map tools will not display on your iPad and Android tablet or phone. The game and map tools will run on the browser in your Windows PC or Mac computer.

Blocked content

Your browser may be set to block some of the audio and interactive content contained on Bygones and Byways pages from playing. A message may appear in your browser saying that the content is blocked and asking if you want to allow this content to play. To play the content, allow it. You may need to reload the page. To avoid this message repeating every time you visit a page containing such content, you can do the following. Note that the exact procedure varies according to which broswer you are using but the procedure to unblock content is similar in most browsers to that of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. In the Internet Explorer browser, go to the Tools menu and choose Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security > Allow active content to run in files on My Computer. Check this box.

Content not playing

If audio files will not play in your browser, download and install the QuickTime Player from ( on your machine or Adobe's Flash Player (available at

If the Coordinates object does not appear and play in the Maps > Coordinates section, or the Early Sites object in the Places > Early Sites > Introduction section, download and install the Adobe Shockwave Player fromAdobe ( The Coordinates object runs best on a WindowsPC and on older Macs. Hopefully, playback on newer Mac computers will be improved in the future.

If the game does not appear and play in the Game section, download and install the Unity plugin from (from The game plays in a browser only on Mac and PC computers and will not play on an iPad or iPhone or on an Android smart phone.

PDF files on the Bygones and Byways website

There are a few pages that contain PDF files:

Other pages containing PDF files may also have been added since the writing of this note (February 2014).

These files require an Adobe Acrobat Player( from If they don't appear, install or reinstall Abode Acrobat Reader on your computer, or make sure that Acrobat Reader Preferences allow the displaying of PDFs in a browser (Acrobat > Edit > Preferences > Internet > Display PDF in Browser).

These files are published here in PDF format because they contain a font unique to their original published source.

The browser on Apple's iPad quits unexpectedly on certain pages

The browser on Apple iPads may quit unexpectedly on certain pages,— those with many embedded images. This is currently (February 2014) due to a memory management problem with the browser when processing web pages with many images. Hopefully this will be fixed by Apple in future browser updates.