Markethill District Enterprises Limited has commissioned an interactive touchscreen facility located in the newly renovated Courthouse. The facility tells the story of Markethill and surrounding district in the last millennium. Information on the social history and changes in the local environment is presented in a photographic, text and sound record.

The program is accessible also on the Internet and on CD-ROM. The Internet version contains all the text and a limited number of maps, photos and illustrations. The Internet version does not include any of the sound recordings. The touchscreen and CD-ROM versions contain much more information (sound recordings, large-scale documents, photographs and maps) so be sure to visit the Old Courthouse at Markethill for an even richer experience.

It is intended that the program satisfies local community interests as well as the interests of outside visitors. It is hoped that as many groups and individuals as possible continue to be involved in compiling information and the visual record and that the project continues to serve and grow as a community resource.

We welcome your comments on the program and any information you would like to offer.

The Old Courthouse, Markethill.