The following sayings and expressions were written down by George Paterson in his book Country Cracks: Old Tales from the County of Armagh

Portrait of Paterson in Armagh County Museum.

Ye might as well look for feathers on a frog's back, or Holy Water in an Orange Lodge.

Troubles never come singly as the man said when his wife died an' the hen laid away an' the last trouble was the worst of all.

He's like somethin' the cat would bring over the half-dure on a frosty mornin'.

Slap up, there's more in the pot. (An invitation to a second helping).

I wish the ducks had ye-an' the divil had the ducks.

Will ye let me put ye past the gander ? (An overture from a boy to a girl to go for a walk).

He hadn't as much strength as wud pull a herrin' off the tongs.

Well that takes me till the fair ! (Marvellous-the sort of thing you would see at a fair).

Away, an' have a titter of wit.

Don't drive the wee foal too hard.

It's unlucky till hear the cuckoo fastin'.

Don't git your beard in a blaze.

She'll sit on a egg less. (Applied to a person who gives herself airs).

There's no hurry except in catching a flay. (flea).

Many a good cow has a bad calf.

There was a drop at his neb like a travellin' rat. (Neb = nose).

She'll niver comb a grey hair.

It's a good horse that niver stumbles.

Faded beauty has no second spring.

Kissing goes by favour.

He went like snow off a ditch.

He can cool in the skin he warmed in.

You'll not catch him with chaff.

He wud swear a hole in a wall.

She's not the sort till sell her hen on a rainy day.

Ye niver miss the well till it's dry.

Where there's geese there's cacklin' an' where there's weemin there's gossip.

Go an' teach your grandmother till milk the ducks.

Ye may as well be a man as a boy. (Advice as to marriage).

Many a man tied a knot with his tongue that his teeth will never loose.

All guts and gabs. (A person who eats and talks too much).

The curse of the crows be upon you.

The stormy day's not the day till be mendin' the thatch.

There's divil the bit of use in keepin' a dog if ye have till bark yerself.

Ye had better be alone than in bad company.

There's more in her head than the comb will fetch out.

Niver boult yer dure with a boiled carrot.

Put the priest in the middle of the parish.

Ivery tub stan's on its own bottom.

God niver shuts one dure but he opens another.

Empty vessels make the biggest rattle.

Don't be showing yer teeth if ye are afeared till bite.

When the drink's in the sense is out.

If ye want till overtake him, ye'll have to rise early.

A nod is as good as a wink-till a blind horse.

Weemin are shy-that's why they niver say no.

The black hen lays white eggs.

What ye sow ye will reap-mebbe.

God take care of your han'. (An expression of thanks for a gift).

There's a hole in the ballad.

A whistlin' maid an' a crowin' hen wud raise the divil out of he's den.

He had as many coats as an onion.

A bad mower blames the scythe.

She's missed her market.

Niver marry for money, but marry where money is.

His teeth are the saftest part of him.

He'd skin a flay for the hide an' fat.

She will sit on a egg less-yet.

Dirt goes before the besom.

Fancy buys the ribbon.

It's the life of an' oul' hat till cock it.

Oul' coortin's coul' coortin'.

Lift yer feet an' they will fall of themselves.

High winds blow on high hills.

Them that's reared in the bog can't forgit the turf.

Ye needn't be turnin' up yer eyes like a duck in thunder

A rag on ivery bush. (Applied to flirts of either sex).

Weemin are more obstinate than mules, an' mules are the very devil.

They niver drowned much that reared you.

New brooms may sweep clean, but the oul' ones know the corners best.

What can ye expect from a pig but a grunt.

Legs that wudn't stop a pig in a gap. (Bandy-legs).

The green bush gits ate by the goat.

A face like a Lurgan spade. (Lurgan spades were specially long).

He'd steal the cross off an ass. (Usually refers to mean people).

The drownin' of the flax be upon you. (That you may fall into water and not be discovered until your flesh has left your bones).