The following sayings and expressions were written down by George Paterson in his book Country Cracks: Old Tales from the County of Armagh (first published in 1939, these are from the 3rd edition of 1945)

When the oak comes out before the ash,
We will have corn to seed and thrash,
But when the ash comes out before the oak
The Lord have pity on us poor folk.

A dry May and a dripping June
Makes the farmers' hearts beat a merry tune.

When the gulls come inland, God help those at sea.
Rain, rain go to Spain An' niver show yer face again.

When the wind's from the north,
It's good for cooling broth,
When it drives from the south
It blows the dust in till yer mouth,
But when it comes from the east,
It's bad for man an' beast-
It's when it's from the west
That then the weather's best.

They're pluckin' geese in Scotland.

Frontispiece to Paterson's book Country Cracks.