Paterson notes the following in a piece entitled "Local Dishes":

Made of oatmeal and flour and cooked in broth.

Make pastry. Peel apples and slice finely. Enclose between two sheets of pastry and cook on griddle. A great delicacy in the Orchard County.

Enclose apples in a pastry ball and boil in broth or water.

Small seeds of corn and weeds which are separated from good corn at the mill. Ground separately and when brought home put in crocks and 'soured'. Later boiled into a kind of porridge.

Finely mashed potatoes flavoured with vegetables like leeks, parsley etc.

"There was an old lady who lived in a lamp,
Who had no room to beetle her champ,
She up with her beetle and smashed the lamp,
And then she had room to beetle her champ".

Cited in Paterson's Armagh County Museum index, ARMACHIANA, Vol.18, p.5.

The Reverend Mattison explains his nickname, "The Cooking Cleric", in the accompanying recording.

Photo of the Reverend Jim Mattison giving a cooking demonstration in 2003.

Use the audio controller to listen to this talk, given in 2003.

A copper jam dish. Caudron.

Griddle. Skillet.