To entertain the local population, Mr. John Clarke opened a cinema in Main Street in Markethill. The cinema was situated at the rear of what was then Clarke's Draper Shop and became known as the Olympic cinema because it opened its doors in an Olympic year.

Toys and other instruments of nuisance had to be relinquished to the usher upon entering the cinema and were returned to their owner at the conclusion of the film.

Patrons recall that, in the 1950's, front row matinee seats cost 1s 3d and back row seats cost 1s9d. There were generally three showings each Saturday at 3pm, 6.30pm and a late showing at 9.30pm.

The cinema was also used as a venue for other entertainments such as amateur boxing and hypnotist shows.

The popularity of multiplex cinemas forced the Olympic Cinema to close its doors. It was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Norman and Mildred Wylie who converted the old cinema to a residential home, 'Hebron House'.

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