Hamiltonsbawn Primary School is situated on the outskirts of the village of Hamilstonsbawn village, approximately five miles from the city of Armagh.

The present school building was built in 1986 as the result of the closure of three rural primary schools; Ballynewry, Wastelands and Mullabrack. The school has four classrooms, two mobile classrooms, two practical areas, a central hall and well-equipped kitchen. The hall is used as the dining room and assembly hall but also provides an area for games. The school is on an elevated site with a grassy are to the front and a hard pitch to the rear.

The current enrolment at the school is approximately 130 students cared for by three full time teachers, one part time teacher and four classroom assistants. Through the curriculum the teachers seek to instil in each student a spirit of self-confidence and tolerance.

1986-1990 Mrs. ME James
1990-1997 Mr. J Priestly
1997- Mrs. FM Martin

Photo of the school. Photo of the school.