Acton is today (2002) designated as a hamlet. It lies on the A27 between Aughlish and Poyntzpass. It is 9.5 km from Markethill.

It was described in 1838 in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs:

"The village of Acton is a poor collection of 55 houses, 4 of which are of 2-storeys, 50 cabins and 1 public house...The village of Acton, situated in the townland of that name or as it is sometimes called Curryotragh, is the property of Colonel Close. It contains the school formerly under the Kildare Street Society but now supported by the scholars and by Colonel Close, who gives 5 pounds annually. The poor receive medicine and attendance from Poyntzpass dispensary by tickets from subscribers. This village has a wretched appearance: there is neither market nor fair." (Ordnance Survey Memoirs 1835-38)

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