Lisnadill lies on the B51 Road 4.5 km south of the City of Armagh and 8 km from Markethill.

It is designated today as a hamlet. (Armagh Area Plan 2004: Armagh District Council Area)

McKay, P A Dictionary of Ulster Place-names (Belfast, 1999) notes:
Parish of Armagh, Barony of Fews Upper
From the Irish Lios Na Daille 'Fort of the Blindness'. The modern form of the place-name may represent a development from an earlier form Lios An Daill 'Fort of the blind man'.
There are remains of a rath in the townland. The parish of Lisnadill, which has portions in the baronies of Fews Lower and Armagh, was created in 1772 out of the neighbouring parish of Armagh.
(Lisnedolle, 1609)

Lisnadill. Lisnadill.

Lisnadill. Lisnadill.

Lisnadill. Settlement map.