The townland of Brannock is in the parish of Ballymore in Armagh County. It is labelled number 11 on the map.

The Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1835-38 note:

"A flax mill, situated quarter of a mile nearly to the westward of the town of Poyntzpass the property of Alexander Crothers. The following are its dimensions: nature of wheel breast, diameter 16 feet, breadth 3 and a half feet, fall of water 19 feet, water wheel and inner works of metal, consists of 1 storey in good repair, situated in the townland of Brannock...

"There are no natural woods in this parish. It, however, contains about 403 acres of forest trees, of which 95 acres are in Derryallen, 75 in Skigatallagh, 16 in Demone, 50 in Brannock, 40 in Clare, 25 in Cargans, 20 in Druminaleg, 14 in Tullyhue, 12 in Moodoge and 12 in Druminure...

"In the north west of the townland of Brannock a quarter of a mile from Acton there are the ruins of an old church and on a stone in the burial ground is the following inscription: "This church was built at the sole expense of Sir Toby Poyntz, Knight, the son of Charles Poyntz, Knight, of Acton, Anno Domini 1684 and dedicated to the" the remainder is unintelligible. Besides the above the parish contains a number of forts but none worthy of particular remark.(Ordnance Survey Memoirs 1835-38)

The Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

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Parish map with townlands