The townland of Carran is in the parish of Loughgilly in Armagh County. It is labelled number 8 on the map.

The Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

Rath from the Early Christian Period.
SMR NO: ARM 017:018
GRIDREF: J00773881
"Parish: Loughgilly or Drumachose. Barony: Orior Lower or Keenaght. A low, circular platform 44m EW x 40m N-S. The S perimeter is defined by a curving hedge boundary & a scarp falling c.1 m to a road. At N, cultivation has eroded the site & only a gentle scarp can be seen. An enclosing bank survives intermittently around the S side. This varies, but is generally 2. 5m wide x 0.6-1.2m high. A short length of ditch originally c.3.6m wide is visible S & W. Recutting has emphasised this. See SM7 for further details "

Check records (Adrian) Creggan parish

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Parish map with townlandsJ007391

The townland of xxxx. The townland of xxxx.

The townland of xxxx. The townland of xxxx.