The townland of Drumbee Beg is in the parish of Kildarton in Armagh County. It is labelled number 5 on the map.

Paterson (Armachiana, Vol. 16, p.22) notes:

The Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

Possibly an Early Christian crannog on "Lowry's Lough"
SMR NO: ARM 012:062
GRIDREF: H91074448
"An irregular island, measuring c.75m N-S x 45m E-W is shown on the OS 6” map of 1835, 1 c.40m from the S shore of Lowry's Lough. Subsequent maps indicate that the level of the lough has been raised by the construction of a small dam at the S end. The island is still. visible above the present water level, but it is now roughly circular and measures c.40m in diam. It is very overgrown and there are no indications that the feature is artificial."

Possibly an Early Christian crannog on "Lowry's Lough"
SMR NO: ARM 012:063
GRIDREF: H91134456
"An island, which may be a crannog, is marked on the OS 6” map of 1835 in Lowry's Lough. The level of the lough has since been raised and the site can no longer be seen.

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Parish map with townlands 1938 showing the school.

The townland of xxxx. The townland of xxxx.

school and rath on 1833 map.  1833 map detail.