The townland of Drumbee More is in the parish of Kildarton in Armagh County. It is labelled number 6 on the map. Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

Enclosure of uncertain period and tree ring of the 18th or 19th century.
SMR NO: ARM 012:038
GRIDREF: H90844389
"On the N end of the crest of a drumlin, a little below the summit. An oval "Fort" is shown on the OS 6” map of 1835, but the site was removed in 1980. Only a slight mound, no more than 0.3m high, and defined by a gentle scarp can be seen. Earlier field reports suggest that the site may have been a landscaping feature, c.24m in diameter."

The 1826 Schools Commission report describes the school in the townland:

"Drumbeemore - A pay school under the care of Edward Donelly, of the Roman Catholic denomination, who was in receipt of 12l per annum. The school was conducted in a barn, providing education for 30 scholars."

Paterson (Armachiana, Vol. 16, p.22) notes:

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