The townland of Gosford Demesne is in the parish of Mullaghbrack in Armagh County. It is labelled number 25 on the map.

The 1826 Schools Commission report describes the school in the townland:

"Gosford, Cabra - A free school under the care of Thomas and Mary Woodhouse, of the Church of Ireland denomination, who were in receipt of 40l per annum. The school was held in a good house, built at a cost of 200-250l. The school was under the patronage of the Earl and Countess of Gosford who paid the salary and built the school. The school provided education for 130 scholars."

It was described in 1838 in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs:

The Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

Gosford castle
SMR NO: ARM 017:010
GRIDREF: H96354060
"The site was recorded in Co.Armagh directory: '...Small ancient building etc. that is the remains of the second Gosford castle and is the house in which Dean Swift was from time to time a guest ... The first castle or bawn was destroyed in 1641.' "

Enclosure of uncertain period
SMR NO: ARM 017:032
GRIDREF: H96754122
"A small circular "Fort" planted with trees and measuring c.30m in diam. is shown on the 1835 OS 6" map. The site is now occupied by a picnic spot surrounded by conifers in Gosford Forest Park, & no trace of an antiquity can be seen."

Greer's Fort
Rath of Early Christian Period
SMR NO: ARM 017:033
GRIDREF: H97204139
"The interior of the site, now a picnic spot, is raised to maintain a level platform as the ground slopes. The W side is marked by a steep scarp falling 1.5m to the base of the ditch, 4m wide and approx. 0.5m deep. A bank, also c.4m wide encloses the N, E & S sides, standing c.1.2m above the interior but becoming lower towards the W. The site measures 47.5m N-S x 46.5m E-W. The ditch continues right round the site, but has been modified at E. 2 gaps at NW & SE provide access - the NW may be original. See SM7 file."

Crunaght Fort
SMR NO: ARM 017:034
GRIDREF: H97084012
"The circular earthwork is very overgrown & the N portion of the perimeter has been removed by a forestry road. A low platform, 0.6m above the outer ground, is enclosed on the E, S & W sides by the remains of a low bank 0.3m above the interior & spread 2.5m wide. The monument measures 32m E-W x 33. 5m N-S. Beyond the bank the ground falls gradually c.1.2m to the base of a shallow silted ditch c.4.5m wide & 0.6m deep. A gap 2.5m wide through the bank at SE is perhaps the original entrance."

SMR NO: ARM 017:051
GRIDREF: H96334053
"The well was a place of pilgrimage & was known as St. Patrick's Well, but it is now commonly called "Dean Swift's Well", due to his frequent visits to it during his stay at Markethill 1727-29. It is located in Gosford Forest Park & is a signposted feature of a forest walk. It is reported to have been in continuous use for a long time. It is set on the N bank of a small stream which flows from an ornamental lake 100m W. The well house covering the well is part of the C18th landscaping of the estate.

Enclosure of uncertain period
SMR NO: ARM 017:055
GRIDREF: H97144100
"The site was shown as a circular feature on the 1847 Estate Map of Gosford Demesne by Alexander Richard. No other information available.

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The townland of xxxx. The townland of xxxx.

The townland of xxxx. The townland of xxxx.