The townland of Mullanary is in the parish of Kilmore in Armagh County. It is labelled number 39 on the map.

Paterson (Armachiana, Vol. 16, p.245 notes:

The Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record (2002) notes the following in this townland:

Rath from the Early Christian Period.
SMR NO: ARM 017:013
GRIDREF: J01543982
"The 1835 OS 6" map shows a large circular ‘Fort’ c.50m in diam., but a rather smaller earthwork c.45m in diam. is indicated on the 1863 edition. Today, only a short length of the perimeter on the SW has survived. Here a substantial bank, c.4m wide still stands c.1.2m above the interior. From the top of the bank, there is a drop of c.3m to a waterlogged ditch, 4.5m across x 0.8m deep. Outside the ditch is a low bank, c.0.3m high which is probably upcast from recent recutting of the ditch."

Rath from the Early Christian Period.
SMR NO: ARM 017:014
GRIDREF: J01474045
"This large, roughly circular earthwork has been considerably eroded by cultivation and only a low platform 57m N-S x 61m E-W has survived. The perimeter around the NE is best preserved by incorporation in a field boundary & a bank c.3m wide x 1.4m high can be seen amidst the undergrowth. Around the N, the interior is level with the ground outside, but towards W & S it has been raised 0.6-1 m. Although this part of the site is poorly preserved, a slight scarp can be seen."

Rath from the Early Christian Period.
SMR NO: ARM 017:015
GRIDREF: J01833996
"A small circular earthwork, C.35m in diam. is marked on the 1863 OS 6" map & labelled "Fort" on the 1835 edition. The S & W sides have been disturbed by C19th building & a deserted settlement lies W. A field boundary crosses the N of the site ENE-WSW & N of this cultivation has removed almost all traces The arc of a shallow ditch C.10m wide x 0.6m deep survives S of the field boundary, disturbance & vegetation precluded examination. Field reports of 1960s state that the E part of the ditch was now a flax dam."

Enclosure of uncertain period.
SMR NO: ARM 017:058

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Parish map with townlands J014405

The townland of xxxx.